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It doesn’t really matter what style of music that we decide for a movie, what matters

is how it affects the drama and how it helps the movie reach its full potential.

Of course I love emptying my entire bag of saucy colors over great scenes,

but when a moment captivates me so much that I leave the score

completely empty, I still feel I’ve done my job as a film composer.

I'm a film composer, but more importantly; I'm a film maker!

+45 61699283

Skype: j.ankarfeldt


Jesper Ankarfeldt is a Danish film composer with a base in Copenhagen (Denmark), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Los Angeles (USA).

He holds a bachelor in Jazz Saxophone from Copenhagen Rhythmic Conservatorium, received 3 month training in carnatic music in Chennai (India), gained a Master in Film Music from Conservatory van Amsterdam and a second Master in Music from the prestigious USC Thornton's Department of Screen Scorring from which he graduated with honors from the faculty.

Next to his formal studies Jesper has attended multiple workshops with some of the most established talents in film music.

With more then 100 projects finished Jesper's music has appeared in cinemas and television worldwide and on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and HBO.

In his studio Jesper surrounds himself with lots of computer equipment and over 50 musical instruments that he's able to play and embed in to a wide variety of scores.