Jesper Ankarfeldt | Film Composer


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Jesper have worked on 100+ films that have been screened at hundreds of international film festivals, broadcasted in multiple countries, won countrless of international awards, gained multiple Vimeo Staff Pick Premieres and gained several Oscar Qualitifications.

Music Awards wins:

2015, Glimp won Best Music at the 48Hour Nijmegen competition.

2016, Glimp won Best Music and Best Song at the 48Hour Film Project Global Award.

2017, Houvast won the audience award at Aubagne International Film Festival.

2018, the episode Kerstkado of the TV series Van God Los won a Golden FIPA award for best Original Music.

Acclaimed projects worth mentioning includes:

2014 Jesper was commisioned to write a childrens toothbrush song. The song has been released in two versions in multiple languages and collectively gained more then 18 million views. Click to watch.

2016 Houvast won the Jury Award at Tribeca Film Festival.

2017 Forever Now won the Grand Jury Award at SXSW.

2018 the cartoon pilot Cliffside aired on youtube and gaining more than 14 million views. Click to watch.

2018 Perfectly Natural aired on the Dust youtube channel gaining more then 5 millions views.

2020 the horror Swipe got its 150 festival selection and received its 45th award.

Some film festival and awards highlights: